Josephine ANN Poole

Social Security Non-Attorney

Disability Claimant Representative

Experienced with special needs children & adults with disabilities

Legal Document Assistant

6937 Rodling Drive #F
San Jose, CA
Santa Clara County LDA#173
Expires 11/01/2021

First half hour is free.

Persevere to accomplish client expressed goals


I am not an attorney.
I can only provide self help services at your specific direction.

Santa Clara County Superior Court has a “Self help” department.
Everyone is able to obtain documents for no cost. I suggest obtaining the documents for your specific COURT action. If you are unable to understand the instructions, I will assist you. The 1st half hour is FREE! Please contact me.


I am a committed, experienced, and detail-oriented process partner for all trustworthy clients. I work with parents of special needs children to advocate for and assist with social security benefits. In addition, I provide supportive representation for ADULTS who apply for SSI or SSDI. I welcome the challenge to file a Reconsideration/Appeal a denial of benefits with those who have gathered appropriate medical documents.


California Legal Document Assistants – CALDA.ORG
Council of Parent Attorneys & Advocates – COPAA.ORG
National Association of Disability Representatives – NADR.ORG
Parents Helping Parents – PHP.COM


My success is celebrated daily in my compassionate role of advocacy. Through personal experiences, professional training, specialized education I persevere towards goals set by the team united to receive OUR successful result.

I am a wise woman. I have one daughter, due to a learning inability did receive Social Security SSI at age 18. She gave birth to a son. I was appointed his Legal Guardian. Subsequently, I adopted him and with the legal documents changed his birth certificate. When he applied for and received a “fully favorable” decision by a Social Security Administrative Law Judge, he became eligible to receive one half my SSA Retirement amount.

OPINION: Currently many grandparents are parenting young family members. With research, the Code of Federal Regulations (SSA) may provide current and/or future assistance. Contact me about your situation ASAP.

A List of Services

  • Social Security Administration non-attorney representative (registered direct pay)
  • Registered legal document assistant
  • Paraprofessional health aide – special education
  • Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Real estate agent
  • Retired deputy public guardian investigator

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